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When writing for digital products, we must consider the context (medium), the purpose, and the meaning of what we’re trying to convey--whether it's the instructions on how to use an app or the story behind a brand. And we must convey those words clearly, succinctly, and, if possible, in a delightful way.  

But you already know all this, which is why you're hiring the position of Design Writer at WeWork. As you’ll see from my resume and portfolio, my unusual amalgam of work experiences makes me uniquely qualified for the role. Every position I’ve held has required me to write copy and narrative to create useful, usable, and enjoyable digital products for the particular audience and medium:

  • As a contract UX/UI writer for Jet.com, I worked with the customer experience team to audit the existing copy on their website and mobile applications. I also created a style guide, which included voice & tone, grammar, and punctuation.
  • As the homepage editor for MTV.com, I managed the content strategy for the homepage relaunch, curated and scheduled daily content, and wrote clickable headlines and calls to action.
  • As a narrative designer at Gameloft, I devised the stories, dialogue, and voice-over scripts for mobile games, channeling the voice and tone for various licenses. I also wrote the tutorials and user interface copy to ensure users could learn how to play the games quickly and while on the go.
  • As a digital copywriter for DIRECTV.com, I crafted microcopy and helped conduct user testing for the global overhaul of the “My Account” section, which included user flows for online bill pay and ordering new equipment.
  • As a copy supervisor at healthcare advertising agency Cline, Davis & Mann, I was recruited to head up a digital-focused team, working with the internal UX and technology departments to create robust campaigns for web, mobile, and emerging technologies (Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Microsoft Kinect).

In short, I believe the idea of user-centered copy and working cooperatively with UX/UI design teams is central to any digital product that I want people to actually use, and so I've always approached my work this way. I would love to put my passion, interests, and knowledge to help make great digital products with your team at WeWork. 

Let's talk about how I can help you. 

Tracey John
www.traceyjohn.com  / pw: copy