(Web & Mobile Live Streaming Application)

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a rare genetic disease that is the #1 genetic killer of infants. Those that do survive past infancy are confined to wheelchairs with a reduced life expectancy. Currently, there is no treatment available; while there are several treatments underway, we were tasked with devising ways to improve the lives of SMA patients and families TODAY.

For families living living with SMA, travel anywhere--even to the doctor's office--is a complicated process due to motorized wheelchairs, ventilation devices, feeding tubes, etc. Many SMA children are home-schooled, and families traveling for vacation is likely out of the question. When it comes to quality of life, parents and caregivers frequently wish for anything that might help their children with SMA feel "normal." 

We came up with a online website and application specific to SMA families that allows them to connect with others and experience the world without having to leave their homes. Inspired by John Butterill's Virtual Photo Walks, "Share My Adventure" connects volunteers with a video-streaming app on their mobile devices and lets them give real-time virtual tours to SMA families who log onto the website. Users ("adventurers") are directed to a global hub where they can join these virtual tours ("adventures") given by the volunteers ("tour guides"). This experience will be completed in 2017.