CARS: FAST AS LIGHTNING (iOS/Android/Windows) 

***App Store Editor's Choice 2014***

I worked closely with the Disney/Pixar licensors and game designers to develop the premise and write the tutorial text, quests, menus, and voice-over script. During the early stages of the project, I traveled to Pixar's studios to meet with the "Cars" video game licensing team and discuss the key narrative elements to include in the game. 

"Any kids who are enamored with the 'Cars' franchise are going to love this game, and parents should appreciate that it’s not pushing anything on us but itself." -- Gamezebo

"'Cars: Fast as Lightning' successfully pays tribute to the film and its fans. Younger players will love the varied gameplay, voice-acting, and cartoon-accurate graphics... This game earns its checkered flag." -- 148 Apps