Studio Lead, Narrative Design @ KING

Stockholm, Sweden / Mar 2018 - Present

Narrative Design lead for King’s flagship studio, overseeing the narrative design team andworking on the “Candy Crush Saga” franchise, "Call of Duty" mobile, and other titles.


Editorial Designer, UX (Contract) @ BANK OF AMERICA

New York, NY / Jun 2017 - Jan 2018

Content lead for Erica, the bank’s AI-powered virtual assistant. Wrote dialogue and copy for voice and text user interfaces, enabling customers to perform tasks and receive financial insights. Worked closely with product owners, developers, and designers to determine complex logic, conditions, and branching user flows. Maintained voice & style guide.


Freelance Content Strategist, UX/UI Writer & Narrative Designer

New York, NY / Aug 2016 - Jan 2018

Worked with clients to write brand voice and tone, interface copy, and overarching narrative for websites, apps, and games. Collaborated closely with UX, design, and development teams to create style guides, map out user flows, define narrative themes, execute copy, and conduct user testing.


Advisory Board Member @ XRDC

San Francisco, CA / Jun 2016 – Nov 2018

Review submissions, secure content, and mentor presenters for GDC’s standalone AR & VR conference, covering games, entertainment, enterprise training, healthcare, medical, automotive, and more.


Adjunct Instructor @ GENERAL ASSEMBLY

New York, NY / Jun 2016 - Oct 2016

Designed curriculum and taught “Copywriting Strategies for Better UX,” a class about the best practices of writing copy and brand voice for digital interfaces.

Havas-Health-Logo (1).jpg

Associate Creative Director @ HAVAS HEALTH

New York, NY / Feb 2016 - Aug 2016


Copy Supervisor @ CLINE, DAVIS & MANN

New York, NY / Jan 2015 -Feb 2016

Managed creative team as digital lead for development of websites, mobile apps, games, AR, and story-driven VR experiences for healthcare and pharmaceutical clients. Oversaw UX architects, visual designers, and developers from conception to execution. Created user flows and storyboards; wrote VO scripts and UI copy.


UX/UI Writer + Consultant @ JET.com

Hoboken, NJ / Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

Worked with the Digital Customer Experience team to audit the existing web and mobile copy. Created an internal brand style guide for implementation of consistent, brand-appropriate voice & tone and microcopy across platforms.


Senior UX/UI Writer (Contract) @ DIRECTV

New York, NY / May 2014 - Dec 2014

Wrote UX and UI copy for websites, apps, and digital products, including acquisition and retention, streaming services, bill pay, equipment services, and FAQs. Ensured copy followed brand voice guidelines, global styles, and best practices. Conducted competitive research and led user testing interviews.


Narrative Designer @ GAMELOFT

New York, NY / Jan 2012 - April 2014

Collaborated closely with game designers to create stories and write premises, quests, tutorials, user interface copy, dialogue, and scripts for 20+ mobile games. Managed content with licensors such as Disney, Pixar, Hasbro, and 20th Century Fox. Identified and troubleshot narrative issues with creative solutions. Supervised and mentored junior narrative designers.

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B.S., Communications, Magna cum laude


  • User Experience Design / 2017


  • User Experience Design Bootcamp / 2014

  • Data-Driven Content Strategy / 2014

  • Evaluating Homepage Design (UX Research) / 2014

  • Introduction to Google Analytics / 2014


  • Screenwriting / 2012


Agile, Scrum, Content Strategy, User Research


Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Axure, Confluence, Final Draft, Google Docs, HTML/CSS, Invision, JIRA, Keynote, Microsoft Office, Omnigraffle, Proto.io, Sketch, Slack, Trello, Twine


Narrative Designer/GameWriter

  • CANDY CRUSH FRIENDS SAGA (mobile), King, Oct 2018 - Present (Launch - LiveOps)

  • CANDY CRUSH SODA SAGA (mobile), King, May 2018 - Present (LiveOps)

  • CANDY CRUSH SAGA (mobile), King, Mar 2018 - Present (LiveOps)

  • CARS: FAST AS LIGHTNING (mobile), Gameloft, Oct 2014 (Launch content)

  • ORDER & CHAOS ONLINE (mobile), Gameloft, Mar 2012 – Apr 2014 (LiveOps)

  • THE OREGON TRAIL: AMERICAN SETTLER (mobile), Gameloft, Jul 2012 – Apr 2014 (LiveOps)

  • EPIC: BATTLE FOR MOONHAVEN (mobile), Gameloft, May 2013 (Launch)

  • ORDER & CHAOS DUELS: THE TRADING CARD GAME (mobile), Gameloft, Mar 2013 (Launch)

  • ALIEN QUARANTINE (feature phones), Gameloft, Feb 2013 (Launch)

  • N.O.V.A. 3 (feature phones), Gameloft, Jan 2013 (Launch)

  • HEROES OF ORDER & CHAOS (mobile), Gameloft, Dec 2012 (Launch)

  • WRITER RUMBLE (mobile), Feel Every Yummy/GameFly Games, Dec 2012 (Launch)

  • MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC (mobile), Gameloft, Nov 2012 (Launch - LiveOps)

  • WORLD AT ARMS (mobile), Gameloft, Nov 2012 (Launch)

  • MIDNIGHT BOWLING 3 (feature phones), Gameloft, Oct 2012 (Launch)

  • THE OREGON TRAIL: AMERICAN SETTLER (feature phones), Gameloft, Oct 2012 (Launch)

  • ZOMBIEWOOD (mobile), Gameloft, Oct 2012 (Launch)

  • WILD BLOOD (mobile), Gameloft, Sep 2012 (Launch)

  • KINGDOMS & LORDS (mobile), Aug 2012 (Launch)

  • MEN IN BLACK 3 (mobile), May 2012 (Launch)

  • SMARTY PANTS (Wii), Planet Moon Studios/Electronic Arts, Nov 2007


  • GDC 2019 NARRATIVE SUMMIT - Speaker - Storytelling in Small Spaces: Practical Narrative Design for Mobile Games

  • GDC 2019 MOBILE SUMMIT - Speaker - Expanding the World of ‘Candy Crush’: A Postmortem on ‘Candy Crush Friends Saga’

  • GDC 2019 CAREER DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT - Speaker - How to Get a Job Writing for Games

  • KINGFOMARKET 2018 - Panel Host & Moderator - Meet Your Narrative Design Team

  • VRDC 2016 - Panel Host & Moderator - The Future of Healthcare: Creating VR/AR for Patients & Doctors

  • VRDC 2016 - Panel Host & Moderator - For Every Gamer: Making VR and AR Truly Accessible

  • NEW YORK COMIC CON 2015 - Panelist (video games) - Geeks of Color Go Pro: Working in the Industry

  • NEW YORK COMIC CON 2014 - Panelist (video games) - Geeks of Color Go Pro, Third Edition: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

  • PAX EAST 2011 - Panel Host & Moderator: What the Heck is a Community Manager?

  • NEW YORK COMIC CON 2010 - Panel Host & Moderator - Toys Are Us! How Your Favorite Toys Are Made

  • NEW YORK COMIC CON 2010 - Panelist - How to Get a Job in Video Games