Tracey John has held many titles: copywriter, narrative designer, creative director, content strategist, journalist. Whatever you want to call her (“Tracey” is just fine), all her work to-date has laddered up to one central goal: creating meaningful stories and useful experiences for different audiences.

Although a writer by trade, Tracey strongly believes in the principles of user experience design, user interface design, UX research, human-computer interaction, iterative design processes, and content strategy as part of her daily work, no matter what the project.

Whether she’s devising a tutorial for a mobile game, A/B-testing the button copy for how to pay a bill online, or designing a story to be viewed in virtual reality, you can bet she is looking at how she can make the experience better for the audience and for the brand--and wondering when she can test it (again).

Her professional experience in the digital landscape includes reporting about games and tech for Wired, TIME, News Corp., Forbes, and Time Out New York; writing more than 20 mobile games, including "Cars" and "My Little Pony"; composing brand voice and UX/UI copy for DIRECTV, MTV, and Jet; and creating gaming and VR/AR experiences at advertising agencies such as Havas and Cline, Davis & Mann.

Currently, she’s teaching “Copywriting Strategies for Better UX” at General Assembly and acting as an advisory board member for the annual Virtual Reality Developers Conference.

When Tracey’s not doing all that other stuff, she’s working on a web comic, sewing monster plushies, hanging out with her identical twin sister, and continuing her quest to find the world’s greatest taco.